Trip Insurance

   We recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance.  Mel Mann operated Dance On The Water for thirty years, and will be handling travel insurance for us.  He has seen enough instances where people have had no insurance and lost money on trips for reasons that could have been recovered if they had insurance – e.g., illness or emergency forcing cancellation, an injury on ship that ends the trip, flight delay, etc.

Travel insurance, particularly for seniors, can be as high as 15% of the cost of the trip.  Mel has been able to negotiate a discounted group rate regardless of age.  The new policy is a flat 8%.

One of the most important features of the policy is that it covers pre-existing conditions if you purchase the policy within 21 days of making your deposit for your trip.  So please read over the Summary of Coverage below and/or review the entire policy here before sending in your Registration form.  On the Registration form is a place to check regarding insurance. If you check Yes, we will contact you regarding the policy we offer.  Mel is available to discuss the ins and outs of insurance at (510) 527-2177 or

   Platinum Plan – Summary of Coverage

Trip Cancellation pays up to your Insured Trip Cost for non-refundable air, land or sea pre-paid expenses if you must cancel for an Unforeseen Event* before departure.  This coverage is particularly important since there can be no refund of prepaid trip costs before departure.

Trip Interruption pays up to 125% of Insured Trip Cost for unused and non-refundable land or sea expenses and up to a one-way economy airfare to return home if an Unforeseen Event* causes your trip to be interrupted after departure.

Trip Delay pays $200/day for up to 5 days for additional meal, hotel and travel expenses if a Trip is delayed 12 hours or more because of a carrier weather delay, a traffic accident, strike, natural disaster, etc.

Missed Connection pays up to $500 if a carrier is delayed for any reason more than 3 hours.  You will be reimbursed for additional, meal, hotel and travel expenses to rejoin the Trip.

Emergency Medical Expense pays up to $100,000 for emergency illness and accident expenses and up to $500 for emergency dental expenses incurred during the trip.

Emergency Medical Evacuation is a crucial benefit for most every traveler, because ordinary health insurance, Medicare and credit card plans provide little or no such evacuation coverage (check with your providers).  This benefit pays up to $1,000,000 for the extra expense of transportation when a serious illness or injury requires evacuation to a nearby hospital and/or home.  Evacuations must be coordinated by the designated Assistance Company in conjunction with an attending Physician.

Baggage pays up to $1,000 for loss or damage to baggage, personal effects and travel documents during your Trip and will reimburse you up to $100 for necessary personal items you had to purchase if your baggage is delayed 24 hours or more during the Trip.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION WAIVER – Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion can be waived if you purchase this Platinum Plan within 21 days of your trip deposit.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions means you, a traveling companion or immediate family member has a medical condition that received treatment or manifested itself in some way within the 60 days prior to your insurance purchase/effective date.

*Unforeseen Events are those covered reasons that can cause your Trip to be canceled or interrupted because of:  Injury, Sickness or death (of you, a travel companion or immediate family); cancellation of travel caused by: weather, strike or Financial Insolvency of a Trip supplier, provided the Insolvency occurs 21 days or more after policy purchase and the premium is paid within 21 days of Trip Deposit; or a Terrorist Act occurs within 30 days of your arrival in a city scheduled on your Trip.  You are also covered if you cancel or interrupt your trip because your personal residence is made uninhabitable; you are called to jury duty; a subpoena; hijacking; quarantine; a call to military service for a natural disaster; an  automobile accident on way to a departure and a termination of employment.

Cancel for Any Reason Option is also available for an additional 50% of the base premium. It pays up to 75% of the amount lost if you cancel for any other reason more than 2 days prior to departure, if this option if purchased for the full cost of the trip within 21 days of trip deposit.

Special Note:  This is only a summary of coverage.  Please see the complete Description of Coverage sent to you at time of insurance purchase for all the coverage terms  and conditions.