Past Cruises

Recent Cruises
Led by David & Marija

Year                           Destination                          Dance Leader

2014                            Slovenia-Croatia                     Marija Hillis
2014                            Spain                                        Marija Hillis
2015                            Paris & Normandy                  Marija Hillis
2016                            Vienna & the Danube             Marija Hillis


The Mel Mann Era
1984 – 2013

For thirty years, Mel Mann led folk dancers and landlubbers alike on unique and unforgettable trips around the world, exploring culture, music and dance wherever they went.  Operating Dance On The Water from his Berkeley home, Mel organized and went on 54 cruises.

Each cruise had an experienced folk dance teacher, and Mel went out of his way to find local dancers to perform their native dances and exchange teaching opportunities.  Now that his duties as tour operator are over, Mel plans to go on as many Dance On The Water cruises as he can, now as an honored passenger!

Year                           Destination                          Dance Leader

1984                            Hawaii                                      Hugo Pressnall
1985                            Alaska                                      Burt Scholin
1986                            Alaska                                      Mikki Revenaugh
1986                            Tahiti                                        Beverly Barr
1987                            Alaska                                      Nancy & Dean Linscott
1987                            Mississippi River                    Edith Spear
1988                            Alaska                                      Dick Oakes
1988                            Panama/Caribbean                Mikki Revenaugh
1989                            Alaska                                      Ercument Kilie
1989                            St. Lawrence River/                Dean Linscott
                                     New England

1990                            Alaska                                      Sandy Starkman
1990                            Bermuda/Caribbean               Sheila Sharp
1991                            Alaska                                      Al Gladstone
1991                            Mexican Riviera                      Sandy Starkman
1992                            Alaska                                      Sanna & Mars Longden
1992                            Greek Islands                          Sandy Starkman
1993                            Alaska                                      Olga Sandolowich
1993                            Caribbean “Seminar at Sea”      Sandy Starkman
1993                            Hawaii                                      Denise Heenan

1994                            Alaska                                      Bill & Louise Lidicker
1994                            Caribbean “Seminar at Sea”      Sandy Starkman
1994                            St. Lawrence River                  Marianne Taylor
1995                            Alaska                                      Sandy Starkman
1995                            Volga River, Russia                Sanna & Mars Longden
1996                            Alaska                                      [cancelled – fire]
1996                            Danube River                          Sanna & Mars Longden
1997                            Alaska                                      Marianne Taylor
1997                            Caribbean/Yucatan                 Marianne Taylor
1997                            New Zealand                           Sandy Starkman

1998                            Alaska                                      Ned & Marian Gault
1998                            Norway Fjords                         Lee Otterholt
1998                            Caribbean/Latin America      Sandy Starkman
1999                            Alaska                                      Bruce Mitchell
1999                            Danube River                          Lee Otterholt
2000                            Alaska                                      Sanna & Mars Longden
2000                            Portugal                                   Sandy Starkman
2001                            Alaska                                      Jimmy Drury
2001                            Greek Islands                          Lee Otterholt

2002                            Alaska                                      Lee Otterholt
2002                            Equador/Galapagos Islands  All of us
2003                            Hawaii                                      Sandy Starkman
2004                            Mississippi River                    Paul Wagner
2004                            Danube River                          Lee Otterholt
2005                            Adriatic Coast                         Lee Otterholt
2006                            Vietnam/Cambodia                Lee Otterholt
2007                            Provence                                  Sandy Starkman
2008                            Moscow to St. Petersburg     Lee Otterholt

2009                            Ukraine to Turkey                    Lee Otterholt
2010                            China                                       Sandy Starkman
2011                            Egypt                                        Lee Otterholt
2011                            Portugal                                   Roberto Bagnoli
2012                            Thailand                                   All of us
2012                            Vienna to Bucharest               Lee Otterholt
2013                            Prague and Three Rivers       Marija Hillis
2013                            India and Hooghly River          Mel Mann