But My Partner Doesn’t Dance!

Sometimes we hear “Your trip looks wonderful, but my (spouse/partner/significant other) doesn’t dance.”

Although folk dancing is always part of our Dance on the Water trips, there’s plenty to enjoy even if one doesn’t dance a single step, so don’t leave your significant other behind!  Our usual tour events offer any curious traveler the best of sightseeing and exploration of the places we are visiting.  It is first and foremost a travel vacation, with folk dancing as an additional attraction.  However, even avid folk dancers don’t always attend every folk dance opportunity offered on a given trip, so the choice is always up to the individual.  Sometimes a nap or free time is just right for the afternoon.  But travelling with a group of folk dancers provides an instant friendly community to interact with, and dancing together is just one of the many possibilities.

We usually begin each vacation with a land tour and find time and space to dance in our hotel, between sightseeing and other group activities.  We often connect with a local dance group which may do a performance for us and then teach us some of their dances.  Once we are on board our cruise ship, we aim to have daily dance sessions for both teaching and request dances (we have hundreds of favorite folk dance tunes available).  We dance while cruising to a new port, between sightseeing events, or after dinner on the deck under the stars.